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Founder of the brand
Ksenia Danilova is a fashion designer, a founder of the Ksenia Danilova
brand, and a winner of several awards from the Latvian Fashion
Association. She graduated from Moscow Textile University, the Faculty
of Applied Arts. She began to engage in the hat business in 2015, having
undergone separate training in this skill in St. Petersburg. From the
very beginning, her work was based on individual communication, which
gave a wealth of experience and knowledge about the preferences and
needs of many people regarding this accessory.

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We love our clients
The uniqueness of the brand is based on the individual approach. Every model of hat can be produced in a different color, material, or with different decorations which gives an opportunity for creating an absolutely unique style and image of each person.
  • Customization
    We offer different colors, materials, and decorations. Our products suit each customer's unique tastes and preferences.
  • Personal style
    Customers use our products to express their personal style. Find your unique personal style through our models.
  • Unique brand identity
    Our unique brand identity is based on the brand's ability to cater to customer preferences through the individual approach.
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