Product care
Care guide. How to care for your handmade hat?
Hat care
Ksenia Danilova hats are meticulously formed and finished by hand, which gives them their luxurious feel and beautiful appearance. Our hats require special care. Below are some suggestions on how to clean & care for your hat.
Every Ksenia Danilova hat is shipped in a special hat box for protection. We suggest keeping your hat in its box when not being worn. Always lay the box on its back, so as to not put pressure on the brim. For longer periods of storage, we recommend filling the crown with soft tissue paper to protect the shape.
If you choose to hang your hat from a hat rack or on the wall, you may want to consider investing in a specially-designed hat holder with a wide surface that will offer support for the crown. This will help prevent stretching the hat's band out of shape.
Felt hats can be stored in soft plastic bags if you wish, but we don't recommend it for straw hats. Natural straw needs air to stay fresh, and sealing your straw hat in a bag or airtight container can cause the straw to dry and crack.
Cleaning felt hats
To clean dust and lint from your felt hat, we recommend using a lint roller or soft brush. Wipe gently, never putting too much pressure on the hat. For small spots and stains, you may use a damp no-dye cloth or a felt sponge.
If your felt hat gets wet, set it aside and let it air dry. Do not steam or blow dry your hat, as this may cause it to lose its shape. Also, never dry-clean your hat.
Cleaning straw hats
Straw hats may be cleaned with a lint roller or soft brush. Small stains can often be removed with a lightly dampened sponge or no-dye cloth. Take special care not to get your straw hat wet, as this will cause the fibers to stretch and separate.
Cleaning veils
If your veil gets wrinkled or loses its shape, you can lightly steam it to bring back its shape, but take care to keep the steam away from the rest of the hat. We would recommend keeping your veil in its box when not in use. This will make sure it's safe and ready for its next appearance, maybe on a red carpet!